The standard for measuring the airtightness of homes and buildings
Attach to your existing gauge to wirelessly conduct air leakage tests
The original duct leakage diagnostic tool
FlowBlaster accessory for the Duct Blaster®
Real time air handler flow readings directly in CFM
The Exhaust Fan Flow Meter is an easy, cost effective way to measure exhaust flows.
i7 and E Series bx infrared cameras
Android iTEC-700 App

TEC is excited to announce the release of iTEC-700 for Android mobile devices. Now users that have an iOS or Android device can go wireless with their air leakage testing when used with the TEC WiFi Link. Click to download the app now.

Calibration and Repair

DG-700 and DG-500 pressure gauges should be recalibrated once every two years in order to maintain the instrument's accuracy specifications.


The premier software for data logging and conducting big building air leakage tests.TECLOG3 is designed to monitor and store data from up to 16 DG-700's, DG-500's or APT's devices.

Ordering and Prices

TEC sells its precision airtightness testing equipment and accessories directly as well as through distributor. Our price list is available online, however online purchasing is not available at this time.

Upcoming Webinars

View our upcoming webinars! We do webinars about once per month, so check the schedule often and register! Want a webinar on a specific topic? Take our Topics for Future Webinars poll and tell us what you want to learn!

DG-700 Connect

DG-700 Connect is a NEW digital gauge simulation program. It is a training and quality assurance tool that allows users to project a virtual image of one or more connected DG-700 digital pressure gauges on a computer monitor/projector screen.

Accuracy Matters

Accuracy is the critical currency in our industry, ensuring that both you and your client can always trust important building performance test results. When accuracy matters, trust TEC.

Blower Door Applications Guide

TEC and Camroden Associates have released their big building testing manual, Blower Door Applications Guide: Beyond Single Family Residential. Click to view and download a PDF version of the book.

The Energy Conservatory (TEC) manufactures precision diagnostic equipment used to solve comfort, energy use, durability and air quality problems in buildings. Our reputation for innovative design and excellent technical support have made us a leading manufacturer of performance testing tools for the building industry.