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The development of the Minneapolis Duct Blaster® has revolutionized performance testing of forced air distribution systems for builders, HVAC contractors, and in a variety of utility programs. The Duct Blaster is also used for code compliance for total duct leakage and duct leakage to the outside as in IECC 2009 and 2012. The Minneapolis Duct Blaster is a calibrated air flow measurement system designed to test and document the airtightness of forced air duct systems in both houses and light commercial buildings. The Duct Blaster fan is connected directly to the duct system in a house, typically at a central return, or at the air handler cabinet. With the remaining registers and grilles temporarily taped off, duct airtightness is measured by either pressurizing or depressurizing the duct system and precisely measuring the fan flow and duct pressure.

Duct airtightness measurements are used to diagnose and demonstrate leakage problems, estimate efficiency losses from duct leakage, and certify compliance with duct leakage standards such as California's Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

Minneapolis Duct Blaster

  • The lightweight Duct Blaster fan weighs just 7 pounds, but delivers enough air flow (an amazing 1,500 CFM) to test the leakiest duct systems.
  • Quick and accurate airtightness measurements from 2.4 - 1,500 CFM.
  • Compatible for both pressurization and depressurization testing.
  • New Cruise Control feature will automatically control the speed of the Duct Blaster fan during testing.
  • The Duct Blaster can be easily used in new construction applications where a Blower Door can't be used (e.g. before sheet rock is installed).
  • The Duct Blaster can also be used as a powered capture hood to accurately measure air flows through the air handler fan, registers and grilles, and exhaust fans. The new FlowBlaster capture hood accessory will accurately measure supply, return and exhuast flows from 10 to 300 CFM.
  • Both 110V and 220V models available.
  • Padded nylon carrying case with shoulder strap.


  • Our DG-700 digital pressure and flow gauge is included with every Minneapolis Duct Blaster system.
  • The DG-700 gauge contains 2 precision pressure sensors which provide simultaneous display of both duct pressure and Duct Blaster fan flow readings, for the most accurate test results.
  • It's specialized "CFM @25" features makes it extremely easy to get quick and accurate total leakage test results.
  • Duct leakage test results can even by displayed in square inches (estimated size of all leaks in the duct system).
  • The new Duct Blaster fan speed controller can be connected to the DG-700's fan control jack for automated Cruise Control.
  • The DG-700 can also be used along with the Duct Blaster fan to measure total air flow through the air handler.

Duct Blaster Accessories

TECBLAST Duct Airtightness Test Software

  • Designed specifically for use with Minneapolis Duct Blaster systems, TECBLAST makes it simple to document and present duct airtightness test results to your clients.
  • Calculation and display of airtightness test results including leakage rate in CFM, leakage area in square inches, and estimated annual system efficiency loss.
  • Choice of report formats including a simple easy-to-read homeowner report, or a detailed technical report.
  • Compatible with all Windows computers.

Duct Mask Temporary Register Seal

  • Duct Mask is used to provide a quick temporary seal on registers and grilles when measuring duct airtightness with a Duct Blaster or Blower Door.
  • With Duct Mask you can reduce the time and hassle of sealing off the duct system, and look more professional to your customers.
  • Duct Mask is an adhesive backed film that comes in both 8" and 24" wide rolls. An easy to use belt dispenser is available with the 8" wide rolls.
  • Duct Mask is perforated every 4" (8" wide rolls), or every 24" (24" wide rolls) to provide a quick, custom, one-step installation.
  • Duct Mask is affordable, less than $.10 for a standard 6 x 10 register, or about $2.50 per house.
  • Duct Mask is sold by the case, which includes six 200' long (8" wide) rolls, or two 200' long (24" wide) rolls.

Field Calibration Plate

  • The Field Calibration Plate allows you to quickly check the calibration of the entire Duct Blaster System with DG-700 gauge.
  • The calibration plate, which contains a 5 inch diameter hole, is mounted on the square transition piece that is connected to the end of the flex duct.
  • The Duct Blaster fan is turned on to pull air through the calibration plate and simulate a duct leakage test.
  • Results from the simulated test are compared to the known leakage rate to determine if the entire system is within a +/- 3% accuracy range.
  • Can be used to document calibration compliance for testing programs such as California Title 24 and RESNET Home Energy Ratings.

FlowBlaster Capture Hood Accessory

  • The FlowBlaster Capture Hood Accessory works with your existing Duct Blaster fan and DG-700 gauge to accurately measure supply, return and exhaust flows from 10 to 300 CFM.
  • The FlowBlaster works by adding necessary flow conditioning and then precisely adjusting the speed of the Duct Blaster fan to compensate for the pressure loss through the conditioners.
  • The unique, patent-pending design compensates for variations in duct construction and is able to measure air flow more accurately than commercial capture hood devices that have been used in the residential market.
  • The Duct Blaster fan is powered by a new combination fan speed controller and rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.
  • Set the DG-700 to Cruise, place the FlowBlaster over the register and the fan will automatically adjust to read the correct value. Your air flow measurement is complete in just seconds.

Minneapolis Duct Blaster Specifications

Component Specifications | Series B Duct Blaster Fan
Maximum Flow: 1,500 CFM (free air).
1,350 CFM (at 50 Pa).

w/flex duct attached:
1,250 CFM (free air).
1,000 CFM (at 50 Pa).

Minimum Flow: 2.4 CFM (Ring 4).
Fan Dimensions: 10" inlet diameter, 7" length.
Weight: 7 lbs. (8.5 lbs w/ 3 flow rings).
Flow Accuracy: +/- 3% or 1 CFM, whichever is greater (using DG-700).
Calibration: Meets ASTM Standards E779-10 and 152, CGSB-149.10-M86, EN 13829 and ATTMA TS1.
Power: 110V or 220V.
DG-700 Gauge: See Specifications on Digital Pressure Gauges page.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Duct Blaster Quick Guide Videos

Below are the four parts of the Duct Blaster Quick Guide that goes out with each Duct Blaster.  Part 1 provides and introduction into duct leakage testing and the components of the Duct Blaster System.  Part 2 instructs you on how to set up the Duct Blaster for proper readings.  Part 3 goes through the set-up of the DG-700 gauge.  Part 4 shows how to conduct the test and how a fog machine can be used to find leaks.

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