Exhaust Fan Flow Meter


The Exhaust Fan Flow Meter is designed to make quick and accurate measurements of air flow through residential exhaust fans. Smaller, lighter and easier to use than conventional flow measuring hoods, the Exhaust Fan Flow Meter was specifically engineered to measure air flows down to 10 cubic feet per minute (cfm). During the measurement procedure, the Metering Box is placed directly over the grille of an operating exhaust fan and the airflow reading (in cfm) is displayed on the DG-700 pressure gauge. If you are using another model pressure gauge, the pressure reading taken from the Metering Box can be easily converted to air flow using a flow table attached to the side of the Metering Box. Includes a short handle which can be attached to a painter's pole to reach grilles mounted high on walls or ceilings.


The effective air flow measurement range for the Exhaust Fan Flow Meter is 10 to 124 cfm. The device should be used along with a pressure gauge providing 0.1 Pascals (0.0004 in. w.c.) of resolution in the range of 1 to 8 Pascals. When used with TEC's DG-700, DG-500, DG-3 or DG-2 digital pressure gauges, the accuracy of the exhaust fan flow measurement is +/- 10%. Metering Box inside dimensions are 13" x 16" x 8" (deep).